Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Deer Debate

Why we should stop hunting for deer?Why we should hunt for deer?
  • To let them live and be part of New Zealand.

  • Their species will die out from the humans killing them and then the poor people will die because there will be no deer to hunt

  • Some people in New Zealand like to see deer in the wild not hanging up in a store or served on their plate for dinner.

  • Some people do not like to come across blood and guts and other insides.

By Felicity Johnstone
Book: The Wild Deer
Reading Group: The Droids.

  • People hunt for deer so they can save money .

  • Families live on their meat.

  • Because it is a sport for New Zealand hunters.

  • You can skin them to use their fur to make something warm to wear in the winter.

  • Some people don’t like to see deer in the wild so they decide to kill them.

  • Some people like to eat deer meat.

  • People don’t like to see how the deer are ruining our native animals and trees. ( Plants, Trees, Animals )


Sunday, May 27, 2012

My List Poem

Whiteboard -
Full of amazing education, almost like it is taking over the world.

Students - 
They are scattered everywhere, like zombies walking , talking.

Tote Trays - 
Sitting there doing, well nothing other than being weighed down by all of that junk.

Posters -
Stapled down in pain, thinking that this is its last day or second.

Lights -
Dangling to their death.

Teacher -
Working on keeping the class on task and making sure they are up to date on their work.

Leopard -
Getting ready to pounce on the little Antelope by the waters edge.

Boys -
Doing ok at their roll, but forgetting what to do.
Pride boxes -
Hanging up there just chilaxing, not doing anything but spying on the little kiddies doing their work.

Heat pump -
Heating the room with blasting big barrels of warmth and comfort to the class.

Artwork -
Posing for the paparazzi to show how glorious they are.
Drawers -
Waiting to be opened and touched by the of hooligans of room 20.

Tables -
Thinking ouch stop leaning on me, please.

Chair -
Thinking stop swinging on me before I buck you off.

Animals -
Sitting there all day doing nothing, but watching the class do all of their work until Mr.M turns out the lights and locks the doors . Then it is party time.

Fishies -
Swimming around all day saying hi to someone then forgetting that they had already said hi and saying it again.

Sink -
Doing nothing, but being drowned by all of the water that comes in daily. It just keeps flowing

Books -
Jealous of those fancy pancy netbooks.

Keyboard -  
Tap, tap, tapping away, wishing they were a book get touched nicely not tapped really hard.

Speakers -
Letting the world know how loud they can be.

Turbo Vac -
Zooming across the floor picking up all of the litter that we drop.

Charger -
Like a snake slithering around on the floor.

Friday, May 25, 2012

HW challenge. Incredibox!

This is an awesome as website to go on, when you go and watch my video you can make your own. When the video is finished you can make your own by clicking the play button or you can replay it by clicking review button. 
                       Go to this link to hear my Compostiton ( SONG )  

I did this on Comic Life.

You DRAG the the different music notes to the men then DROP it on his body and he will start playing that music tune, when you are finished making the song you can LISTEN to it. Now you are done.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Maths Knowledge Test ( STAGE 6 )

Reflection For My Maths Knowledge Test
·Something I was pleased with was that I got my ordering from smallest to largest because I sometimes read it in correctly and get them all muddled up.

               I really enjoyed learning my times tables with big numbers because they came in handy for the test.               

Something I found hard was the how many section of the test.


Something that made me think was the ‘write these numbers in words’ because I had to make sure that I read the number correctly or I would write that number wrong and would get it in correct.

Something I want to get better at is my rounding strategies

          (What can I do about it?) I can practice them at Kip Mcgrath on Thursdays.

This is  my knowledge test


This is my fotobabble for my Maths Knowledge Reflection.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Literacy Circle Movie

This is my LITERACY CIRCLE movie that I did on Windows Live Movie Maker, it is a really cool and fun to do. My friend also has one her name is Natasha.

My 3 Favourite Websites

This is my first favourite website, it is my blog. The reason I chose this is because I love doing blog posts for the rest of the world to see what I am doing through out the year. Also I think that it is great to have a class all with blogs to share there learning. It helps me feel proud for the work I do as I am able to put it on my blog and have other people post positive comments on my work it is also a way for me to share my learning with my mum and dad. To go there click on the link.


My second one is Fantage, it is a great website to play on you can dress up and have your other friends go online and talk with you. You can play heaps of really cool games like: The fashion show you can also play some great games at the school ( they are maths, spelling and some more cool school subjects. ) There is much more games to play and more stuff to do that is really fun. You can also get two pets, unless your become a member and you can get heaps more of them. This is a safe website where you won't get bullied or if you feel as though you are getting bullied  I recommend you should get a Fantage person.  If you would like one go to this link.  

My third and last favourite website is Fotobabble, it is a great website because you have an instant embed code and it is really cool to have a talking photo. It is quick and easy to do just follow these steps:  
  • Upload a photo to the website
  • Record your voice 
  • Play with the background and the colour of the picture
  • Get the embed code from the right side of the page
  • Put the embed code onto your blog and post it to the web to show what you did         

I would rate it 10/10 because it is a very easy to do and your speech comes out nice and clear.
Our class is loving it so I think that you should try it out. If you would like to go and create a Fotobabble account and make your first Fotobabble click on the link.

My second beans recipe


This is my second beans recipe I did it on Fotobabble, I would rate it 10/10 it is great, especially since you have an instant embed code.

I have done one mistake in this beans recipe can you guys find it, if you can leave a comment.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Beans Recipe

I did this at  Fotobabble it is a place where you upload a photo then record your voice and play with the colour and background of the image. I have another one that is on it's way and will be on my blog very soon. I hope that you enjoy this website.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vote for us!!!

    3:33 YES I VOTED 

     5:58 YES I VOTED



As you can see I have voted 5 times tonight so our votes will go up. This was a task that Mr.M told us to do and I have completed it.

Have you guys voted yet? If not go to this link Room 20 Jungle and please vote for us.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Literacy Circle

The title of this book is Kensuke's Kingdom and the author Michael Morpurgo.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Lazy Monday Morning

‘Crrrrr’, goes the curtains as mum tries to wake me up at 7:00, yes I know 7:00 in the morning, but I do have to go to school so I better get up or I might be late. As I slowly get out of bed just like my granny, I feel something creep up my spine, I had a funny feeling that it was Jack Frost playing a trick on me. So I quickly hop back into my bed and try to melt Jack Frost off my back. Suprise, suprise it was him after all. Then I get out of bed after all except instead of getting out like my granny I got out like my Grandad. Then I got dressed quickly so I did not feel the cold. When I go to open the door into the garage I see the poof cat [ Snooks ] curled up in a ball which made it look very fat just like a fluffy pillow on my bed.

Then as I walk out into the kitchen I see my Mum sitting on the couch drinking a hot chocolate, I say to her “Mum can I please have one, I am very cold?”
“Yes sure you can, but you have to make it yourself.”
“Fine, then I will make it.” As I was making it I looked out the window and saw all of the steam coming off of the neighbour’s fence, there was a whole line of it just floating up into the air just like a ghost lifting from its grave ready to haunt the living. Once I had finally sat down with my hot chocolate and breakfast, I noticed that it was nearly time for me to go to school. I scoff my breakfast as fast as a lion that hasn’t been fed for 3 weeks. I put my dishes in the sink and say to mum “lets go or I will be late for school.”

“ Ok then I will just put my shoes on then we can go, the same with you please. Have you packed your bag yet?”
“No, but  I will quickly do it now.”
“Ok then you do that.” Just as I rush out of the door I realise that I needed to brush my teeth, so inside again I go to complete my mission of brushing my teeth. Once I had brushed my teeth I went out the door for hopefully the last time, I realised that it smelt of smoke, I was thinking how can it smell this time and when I came out here last time I couldn’t smell it just one bit. Then I had a little think on the way to school and realised that it was because I was in so much of a rush that I didn’t notice it. When we arrived at school I was excited to start a new term at school.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Leaf

The Leaf

The veins spread 
the leaf like it has
a disease

The spikes are

just like a monster trying

to hurt someone

The greenness is

getting tinted a yellowy brown
colour as Autumn has sent its
invite to stay for a while  

The leaves are the
puppets and the wind
is the controller
Felicity Johnstone
10 years   

This is my leaf in a bush, I thought that it would have been a good idea to do it in a bush because it has green for the background and the leaf used to be green until Autumn sent its invite and they changed colour. 

This is the tree where my leaf came from.

This is my leaf poem on a big piece of paper and it was died yellow and red [ the Autumn colours ]
WALT: observe and include specific details in our writing

Includes four nouns (from observation)
Made the nouns do something
 Started each new description on a new line
Extended each line so it makes more sense
(may include a who, where, why, what, when).
  If you click on the word Vocaroo it will take you to where I recorded my poem.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Corner Ball Reflection

Reflection for P.E.
WALT throw, catch and move without the ball

· Something I was pleased with was getting some of the other team out because they were quite fast and the ball was not aloud to touch the ground.
I really enjoyed learning how to play the game because I had never played it before.

Something I found hard was aiming at the other team to get them out.

· Something that made me think was who is closer to me so I can throw the ball at them or to them because it would make it easier than throwing far away and then the ball might touch the ground and it will be the other teams ball.


Something I want to get better at is my aiming

(What can I do about it?) I can practise at home or at lunchtimes.

Voice Recorder >> Once again you can click on the word Vocaroo and it will take you to where I recorded my reflection.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Maths Reflection

Maths Reflection 30/04/12

· Something I was pleased with was that I learnt some more strategies for solving multiplication problem because I only knew a few.

· I really enjoyed learning the Algorithm strategy because it was quick and easy for the problem we had.  

· Something I found hard was thinking of another strategy to go with the Q.

· Something that made me think was the rounding strategy because I had to remember to add something back on.

· Something I want to get better at is knowing more strategies.

          (What can I do about it?) ask some other people if they know any strategies that could come in handy for multiplication.

Voice Recorder >> 
 If you click on the Vocaroo  word it will take you to the website where I recorded my reflection 

My Reading Timeline