Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Last Day Of School!

Today is the last day in room 20 and for the year 6's their last day at Parkvale School!
I am so sad to leave this wonderful school!
It is so sad to be leaving all of the wonderful teachers.
I loved being at Parkvale School and I wish that it went up to High School!
I am going to miss being in a digi class!
I am going to love being at Hastings Intermediate but I will never forget Parkvale!

In 2012 I have achieved lots of new and cool things! Parkvale School gives you lots of new and amazing achievements!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kitty Cat Art!

Flower the Kitty cat:)
Paul Klee originally created this cat! Mr.M was inspired by it and chose to do it as a class art. It is really cool and I hope that you can try the easy steps and create an awesome kitty cat like mine! 

Asteroid Plan!

This video features Casey!
This video also features Parris!
It features Natasha!

This video features Felicity!