Friday, April 5, 2013

Academies announced

Well today the 5.4.13 Hastings Intermediate announced the academies. The academies are a thing that you have to apply for. Then you have to trial which is a long process. I applied for year 7's visual arts which can take 15-20 year 7 students. I also applied for design technology which can take 10-13 year 7 students! Now....... My mum didn't think I would make it into design tech due to the small amount of spaces:/ I trailed for my design tech with a picture if what I wanted to create, a sample of doing straight lines and turns on a sewing machine and I explanation of why we want to be in the academy and what we want to achieve and so on:) 
With visual arts forour first trial we had to sketch what was in front of us ( iron, glass bottle, apple, piece of Lego and a bone. We were not aloud to move any of the objects so we had to draw it from what we could see. We then had to paint and apple and paint a circle showing our mixing skills. I got into the second trial for visual arts and had to give in an example of what we can do ( a sketch or a piece of art work that we have done ). We also had to do a little test to do with artist and what art means to you. After that we got given a piece of yellow paper, brown thin paper, some picture, a pencil, a glue stick and scissors. We then had to design something with just the tools provided, it was lots of having all of that different stuff to create something. I created a panda that can fly, there are cut out letters saying I CAN FLY. There is also a soldier swimming in the water below. Sadly after that trial the art teacher cut me! Butttttttt I still at that stage didn't know about design tech. 

Later on I found out that the design teacher will read the applications and explanation and then announce it on the exact day of the naming. So I had no idea if I was going to get into the academy. I didn't really think so due the space limit. 

Now this brings us to the day of the naming. I was nervous as week as everyone else, when all of my friends were getting told the academies they were in I was getting more nervous. Casey got into the academic academy, sports and dance. Katherine got into dance! 

At last it was time for design tech to be called out:) I had my fingers crossed. They had gone past the J's for Johnstone so I thought I was out of luck. Butttttt noooooo I wasn't, I was the second to last person to be called out. I was overwhelmed I had got into the academy with limited spaces. After that the people who got in an academy had to go outside to receive two tickets for family members and a notice for the capping ceremony on the 17th of April. 

When I got in the car after school mum was wondering why we had got out 10 mins early. I said it was because of the academy announcements, straight away mum said how did you go, I said that I got into design tech. Mum was super surprised and very proud of me:D

So that is my story about the academy announcements today! So year 6's going to H.I.S be prepared for trials in the first 6-8 weeks of the first term. You will love every bit of it:)

From Flossie:D