Thursday, June 28, 2012

Maths Time Problems

Today Mr.M gave us 2 problems, one was about rounding 1200 to the nearest 10 and 100.
The next problem was about rounding a decimal up to 6. ( That one was really easy ) You can try these problems in your own time. The first question was about what could the number be if it has been rounded to 1200.
The next problem was what might the number be if the decimal has been rounded off to 6. This was a really fun maths lesson and we will be doing this every morning which is going to be really fun. 
I found them both quite easy, I also learnt something as well.

The next day we did another 2 problems which were fun.
The first problem was what might the missing numbers be for _x_=36.
That one was fun because it got out brains in action.
The next question was using four 4s in any operation, how many different answers can you make?
That one was quite tricky but in the end I did 7 answers.
That maths lesson was a great one to help you learn much more different answers than you usually do. So it was great for me.   
I found problem 2 hard and very mind blowing.
Problem 1 was great for learning times tables and getting your brain working properly.

The next day we did another set of 2 problems it was fun and brain testing at the same time.
I really enjoyed problem 1 and problem 2 was all about thinking what range of different numbers there can be. I though that I did very well and room 20 did superb. I can't wait to see how brain testing the next one is.
With problem 2 you have to think of the smallest and the largest. I started at the smallest number and then carried onto the biggest number.
Problem 1 was all about times tables which I enjoyed.


Today we did another lot of fun maths problems. I thought that it was extremely easy to do the problem 1, because it will just go on for pages and pages and even more pages. Problem 2 was also a pattern type.
 You had to go through all of the numbers and move them around to make sure you go from smallest to biggest.

Can you add to either of these problems, if so write a comment below with your answer(s). You can do as much as you want.    

 This is a  ' VOICE THREAD ' that Mr.M made and room 20 have made some comments, you should check it out.                  

My imagination ( The Distress Call )

Dear Sage this is what I imagine myself in my head:) I hope you enjoy!

Just 3 weeks ago I was out on an adventure. I saw a pixie, peek out of a big scary cave.
I was fascinated, so much that I had to adventure into the what seemed ‘ a big and scary cave’ It was actually a fairy wonderland filled with millions of them. As I walk in I notice that it turns from good little fairies to evil bunnies.
The bears back at base were talking about the island’s new rules and what they need to do about me, who apparently won’t stop chattering about how they are not caring for their land. Then with a great big ‘SQUAWK‘ they heard me do my ‘Distress Call’.... but with no surprise they decided to leave me and carry on with what they call a ‘meeting’.

I was lonely and tied up with all of the bunnies crowding me. The surroundings were really odd it was like a little girl's dream room filled with evil villains dressed in little pink tutus. I was confused.
Why were they dressed like that?
Just as I was about to send out my distress call again they stuffed a bunny type dummy in my mouth.They obviously thought that I was the baby bait  they ordered, but no I was just a little adventures carrot who is very eager to get out of their princess palace.

Just as night falls the evil team place me, the distressed little carrot in the water just sitting there floating towards base. Which was where the pigs and all of the other animals were hiding.
The deer notices me and goes to save me.  ( Just as the bunnies had planed. )  
The deer manages to save me while zapping the evil bunnies, until they turn into food.. All of the animals see that the evil bunnies are actually ruining their land. So all of the animals start to act fast and make those bunnies were food. Once they had defeated the villains in tutus, they celebrated with the little fairies and threw away every little bit of the evil bunnies stuff and made the fairies magical wonderland even bigger.

In the end the bears finally decided to let me be in charge of the land and make it even better, which worked out really well, but the fairies thanked me by changed me into a blue bunny rabbit who loves to play soccer.
The distress call on Storybird

Monday, June 25, 2012

My advertisement

Team 5's topic this term has been about rubbish. It is really fun to learn how to save our universe.
I am a leader of the 'girls food scrap group' in room 20. The whole class has made one of these for their topic groups, 

  • Litter Patrol
  • Rubbish
  • The plastics
  • Food Scraps Boys
  • Food Scraps Girls  
Each group has made a question for them like our groups question is: How can we recycle food scraps in room 20? 

Here is a Fotobabble that I did on my advertisement.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Be A Panda!

How To Be A Panda from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

This picture was sent to room 20 from Mr.M, we had the choice to make a video or something of our choice.
It was really random Casey and I just started to do the sequence. So we decided to film it and make it in to a movie maker. So here we are being weird, I HOPE YOU ENJOY:)

Here's a link to Casey's blog with here 'How To Be A Panda' :)

K.W.L Chart for Extraterrestrials


  • Something from a different planet.

  • Scientists study what life is on other planets.

  • Out of this world - Planets - Stars

  • E.T

  • Immigrants like E.T’s

  • N.A.S.A is a big company that works with space.

  • Satellites are put in all areas of space.

  • People think that there could be living things on mars.

  • People have been on the moon.

  • How far away are these other planets with possible life on it?

  • How could different planets support life?

  • How long have scientists been looking for life?

  • Has anybody seen life on another planet before?

  • How many people have been to outer space?
  • How long does it take to prep for going to outer space?

  • How long does it take to become an astronaut?

  • Where is N.A.S.A based mainly.

  • Where do new planets come from and how do they form.

  • You can be old and young to go into space.

  • People say that they have seen a real U.F.O before.

  • How the galaxy works.

  • What an exoplanet / extrasolar does and where it is placed in the universe.

  • When the first spacecraft went into space.

  • Mars may support life.

  • Who the first man and lady to go into space.

  • That they put noises from earth on a gold record.

  • 1 Billion stars is only 1% of the milky way’s stars.

  • If you dig 5 centimeters under the ground you can find pure ice and soil that can grow vegetables. ( IN MARS ).

  • N.A.S.A is based in the U.S.A

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter To V.M. Jones

Dear Mrs V.M. Jones,

Hi my name is Felicity and I am writing you a letter, I hope you enjoy.

My class has just finished reading your breathtaking novel ‘Buddy’, it was just so touching and beautiful. At times the class would yell at the teacher to persuade him to keep going because it was so interesting, we couldn’t bear to put the book down, that’s how amazing it is. You write the best books ever.

My favourite character would have to be Chantal, because she sounds so bittersweet and very delightful. I also liked the sound of Splash the cheeky little kitty.
What made you choose that kind of personality for Chantal?   
What made you so inspired to be an author?  

I am sure that a lot of people who have read your book now know not to make fun of people with special needs, because really they are actually really peaceful and loving not to forget caring.
Also people should know that family and friends are much more important than winning.
Your ‘Buddy’ novel is a great inspiration for people who want to write a novel.

I would really enjoy to see a second Buddy story because you had the most weirdest ending that made me think there should be much much more. Please come and visit my class and I at Parkvale School HASTINGS, we would absolutely love to see you in person and thank you for giving such an inspiration for young writers. I also like that Josh didn’t care about what colour medal it was. All they needed was a simple a medal to show their love.

I hope to see that you have commented on my blog soon.

Yours sincerely Felicity Johnstone.  

Check this ( link) out to my teachers blog, on there you can see more stuff about the wonderful book 'Buddy'. ENJOY:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Q&A

My Q&A for the wild deer debate, it seemed like a good idea at the time and a helpful immigrant.

  1. How will we change this?   We can all work together and possibly make a poison that will just kill the pests not other animals that we want to keep here.
  1. What could happen if we don’t start now?   The pest population will get bigger and bigger in New Zealand and then more and more of our native animals will become extinct.

  1. Where might this mistake end up? New Zealand will end up with out any native animals.
  2. Who might be able to destroy these pests? D.O.C and scientists can work together and make something to wipe them out of New Zealand for 
  3. good.
  4. When should the process start? As soon as possible or we will be saying goodbye to our native animals for good.

  1. Why should we remove the gorse from New Zealand? Because it is an awful plant that can ruin our wonderful environment.
  1. What could happen to our native animals if we do not get rid of the pests? They will all become extinct and other countries won’t come to see our wonderful animals.
  1. When will our native animals die out?  We don’t know but we will know if we keep those terrible pests in New Zealand, because they will kill them all. ( The Native Animals and plants )
  1. How can New Zealanders help the D.O.C? The D.O.C could organise a group to help with a plan or all of New Zealand can help. ( The ones who want to save our country of course.)
  1. What would our environment be like without all of the pests? It would be absolutely beautiful, the way New Zealand came together at first.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Reflection For Term 2


My favourite in Reading has been having the chance to be in a literary circle and reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and making a timeline on all of my assignments.                                                                    ( Here's a link that you can visit )

Something I have learnt is that with all the different types of books that we have read, I like to read fiction books with adventure in it .  I also like non Fiction Stories, because it is cool to hear a true stories.

My next step is to get up to the stage of reading bigger books, eg Twilight.  


My favourite writing so which is ‘My ending for licked’ (Here is a link that you can check out.)

I am proud of my ending for licked because I got a comment from Paul Jennings, plus I won the competition in the class.    I feel as though the writing is funny and it made the class laugh.  I also spoke really clear when it came to reading it to the class and being filmed.

I have learnt to:  

  • Put a Proper sentence together
  • Not to make your sentence too long and complicated

My next step is to write longer pieces of writing.   

I like my blog because I know that my family and friends can see what I am up to throughout the year.
My favourite post is my ending for licked because it is my top post and I am very proud of all the positive comments I have had.  (Here is a link that you can check out)

I like commenting on blogs because it is a way that people know how popular their post is.
My favourite comment is on my blog that I did a reply to from Mr.G.


My favourite maths activity is decimals. Here is a link to a decimal game that you can play. (Here's the game)

I am proud of my times tables with a double number and a single number, eg 54 x 7. Here’s an image of how you can work this out.      
(Here's a link that you can check out)

I have learnt: Check this link out

  • How to do a beans recipe
  • And how the places of a decimal work

Something I find challenging is the how many part of the maths knowledge level 6.
My next step is to be able to complete that part of the test.

This is my favourite art was my pride art, because it was really fun to do.                                                                 (Here's a link that you can check out.)

Something I have liked in our topic learning is how much rubbish we waste a day. Also how to look after a worm farm correctly. (Check this link out)

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is that it gets the class exercised and it is always fun to take us out for a game. My favourite fitness game is BLOB. (Check this link out)
I like playing these games:
  • Line tag
  • Blob
  • Corner ball
  • Soccer

I learn and develop the skills of catching and throwing, by playing these games.
Fitness helps my throwing and catching better by playing the following games,
  • Corner ball
  • Netball
  • The skittle game

Choir / Kapa Haka
I am in Kapa Haka and Choir and it is really cool.
In Kapa Haka we learn some really cool songs.

In Choir I am in both Choirs and also in the harmony which is awesome.

I really enjoy Kapa Haka and Choir which is on each Tuesday.
It is awesome.

I enjoyed finding out how well I am doing in all of my subjects so far.

Friday, June 8, 2012

HW Challenge 3 ( Blog Review )

My first blog is my blog that I made last year with my friend Emily. It is just a little way to show people what  I have been up to. It is almost like a diary. I like to visit this blog regularly to do a new post which I still need to do. I need to keep updating it more often.  I can connect to this blog because I own it.
HW for the week
Camps and more 
On my blog you can go to other websites like: 

Emily's world ( her blog )
Club penguin 
Girls Go Games
And more!  

Here is a link to the blog: Meeps out of school blog                                                  
Here is a comment that I did.

This is a Voki that I did.

My second blog review is on my Aunty's craft blog.
It is a way that she can show to the world what she can make. If you are interested you  can order them and  then you will receive what you ordered. I like to visit this blog regularly to see what new posts she has put up and also to see if she has replied to any of my questions. I also like this blog because it is a way of me keeping in touch with my Aunty who lives in Ireland. I can connect to her blog because I have seen her bee really creative, it is so awesome.         

Here is a comment that I did on her blog. 
This is the link to her blog: Here is her Blog                                                     Here is my Voki that I did.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Ending For Licked

I was amazed, dad was holding his anger so well. Then all of a sudden “meow, meow, meow the cat walks in and jumps on dads head, just in time before he brings his fly swat out. 
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, get that cat off if my head this instance.” Mum had a thought of getting off of her bum and helping him but she decides to just sit there and laugh.

  1. Because he had broken his promise
  2. Because he was being attacked by the pet cat
  3. Because Mr.Spinks spat out a mouthful of soup all of dad's face.

In the end dad screamed at me and made me go to my bedroom while he spoke to Mr.Spinks about the incident. Mum came into my room and sat down with me and said “ ya know that cat of yours just saved your life.” 

“ Yeah I know, but am I in trouble with dad?”

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Persuasion


Dear Parkvale School.
Each and everyday classes around the school put a heap of food scraps in the bin and the Food Scraps group from room 20 is here to help.

First of all the school is wasting too much food scraps a day. For example, when room 20 emptied out their rubbish bin most of the rubbish was plastic and the second one that had the most was food scraps. So we decided to make a food scraps group to help the school. In our group we decided that Natasha can bring a worm farm. We thought that if we had a fundraiser to get some money to help buy separate bins. It would be a great idea to put separate bins in each classroom so then we can collect the food scraps and put them  in our class worm farm to recycle.

Secondly the worms eat through the food scraps, so that is recycling with the worms. Having worms is also a way to make a garden grow with the wee that they produce by eating the food scraps that we provide for them. Also the food that they eat can be made into compost to be added to your garden. Also having a worm farm can save money for the school because we do not have to pay to take the rubbish to the dump.

Each and everyday, everyone around the world wastes a whopping amount of rubbish. It is very disappointing to see the amount of food scraps that go to waste a day. Here are some reasons why we should control the amount of rubbish we waste a day.

  1. It is a little unfair on the caretaker to pick up all of our rubbish, when we could take it home with us.

  1. Also parents pay for some really nice food and then the child chucks half of it out.
  2. We can save money by putting our food scraps in separate bins which will be transported into the class worm farm.     

I hope that you will agree with me and say yes.

Yours sincerely 

Felicity Johnstone
Room 20
The girls' Food Scraps Group