Thursday, June 28, 2012

My imagination ( The Distress Call )

Dear Sage this is what I imagine myself in my head:) I hope you enjoy!

Just 3 weeks ago I was out on an adventure. I saw a pixie, peek out of a big scary cave.
I was fascinated, so much that I had to adventure into the what seemed ‘ a big and scary cave’ It was actually a fairy wonderland filled with millions of them. As I walk in I notice that it turns from good little fairies to evil bunnies.
The bears back at base were talking about the island’s new rules and what they need to do about me, who apparently won’t stop chattering about how they are not caring for their land. Then with a great big ‘SQUAWK‘ they heard me do my ‘Distress Call’.... but with no surprise they decided to leave me and carry on with what they call a ‘meeting’.

I was lonely and tied up with all of the bunnies crowding me. The surroundings were really odd it was like a little girl's dream room filled with evil villains dressed in little pink tutus. I was confused.
Why were they dressed like that?
Just as I was about to send out my distress call again they stuffed a bunny type dummy in my mouth.They obviously thought that I was the baby bait  they ordered, but no I was just a little adventures carrot who is very eager to get out of their princess palace.

Just as night falls the evil team place me, the distressed little carrot in the water just sitting there floating towards base. Which was where the pigs and all of the other animals were hiding.
The deer notices me and goes to save me.  ( Just as the bunnies had planed. )  
The deer manages to save me while zapping the evil bunnies, until they turn into food.. All of the animals see that the evil bunnies are actually ruining their land. So all of the animals start to act fast and make those bunnies were food. Once they had defeated the villains in tutus, they celebrated with the little fairies and threw away every little bit of the evil bunnies stuff and made the fairies magical wonderland even bigger.

In the end the bears finally decided to let me be in charge of the land and make it even better, which worked out really well, but the fairies thanked me by changed me into a blue bunny rabbit who loves to play soccer.
The distress call on Storybird


  1. Awesome Floss!
    I like your story bird and writing. You have some really cool words in your story. Well done!

  2. Great story, Felicity!

    You really use your imagination well to develop your ideas, characters, problem and resolution. I love how you share your thoughts and feelings. This hooks in the reader and helps us visualise what is happening.

  3. Awesome Floss!
    You have a wonderful imagination. I could put a picture in my head as soon as I started reading it. I love your writing and your story bird. Well Done :)

  4. Wow Flossie Magnificent!

    You did an amazing job with that I hope sage likes it because I sure know I do well done Floss I love the characters and as I was reading it I could just imagine it Well done again please keep writing more of these

  5. Hey Felicity!
    We got your letters!We haven't started writing back yet. In my next letter I'll send you a picture of me. Hey This was a cool story. i liked how you put animals in I love animals! TTYL!

    Your pen pal in Missouri in Mrs. Allens Class

  6. Hi Caitlyn that is great that you have received the letters and I can't wait for your reply!
    Thanks for your comment!
    From Flossie