Monday, June 18, 2012

My Reflection For Term 2


My favourite in Reading has been having the chance to be in a literary circle and reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and making a timeline on all of my assignments.                                                                    ( Here's a link that you can visit )

Something I have learnt is that with all the different types of books that we have read, I like to read fiction books with adventure in it .  I also like non Fiction Stories, because it is cool to hear a true stories.

My next step is to get up to the stage of reading bigger books, eg Twilight.  


My favourite writing so which is ‘My ending for licked’ (Here is a link that you can check out.)

I am proud of my ending for licked because I got a comment from Paul Jennings, plus I won the competition in the class.    I feel as though the writing is funny and it made the class laugh.  I also spoke really clear when it came to reading it to the class and being filmed.

I have learnt to:  

  • Put a Proper sentence together
  • Not to make your sentence too long and complicated

My next step is to write longer pieces of writing.   

I like my blog because I know that my family and friends can see what I am up to throughout the year.
My favourite post is my ending for licked because it is my top post and I am very proud of all the positive comments I have had.  (Here is a link that you can check out)

I like commenting on blogs because it is a way that people know how popular their post is.
My favourite comment is on my blog that I did a reply to from Mr.G.


My favourite maths activity is decimals. Here is a link to a decimal game that you can play. (Here's the game)

I am proud of my times tables with a double number and a single number, eg 54 x 7. Here’s an image of how you can work this out.      
(Here's a link that you can check out)

I have learnt: Check this link out

  • How to do a beans recipe
  • And how the places of a decimal work

Something I find challenging is the how many part of the maths knowledge level 6.
My next step is to be able to complete that part of the test.

This is my favourite art was my pride art, because it was really fun to do.                                                                 (Here's a link that you can check out.)

Something I have liked in our topic learning is how much rubbish we waste a day. Also how to look after a worm farm correctly. (Check this link out)

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is that it gets the class exercised and it is always fun to take us out for a game. My favourite fitness game is BLOB. (Check this link out)
I like playing these games:
  • Line tag
  • Blob
  • Corner ball
  • Soccer

I learn and develop the skills of catching and throwing, by playing these games.
Fitness helps my throwing and catching better by playing the following games,
  • Corner ball
  • Netball
  • The skittle game

Choir / Kapa Haka
I am in Kapa Haka and Choir and it is really cool.
In Kapa Haka we learn some really cool songs.

In Choir I am in both Choirs and also in the harmony which is awesome.

I really enjoy Kapa Haka and Choir which is on each Tuesday.
It is awesome.

I enjoyed finding out how well I am doing in all of my subjects so far.


  1. Cool Floss!
    It looks like you had a great team two.
    I like the way you did your reflection.
    What is your favourite subject?
    Well done!

  2. Well done flossie you really like art
    I will go on the link at home.

  3. Flossie this is really cool you did a good job it kinda reminds me of a test but yours is really cool and really good (what was the most challenging thing about this writing ?)

    1. Well nothing was really hard beside from finding the right link.

  4. Well done Flossie,
    Excellent idea of showing how to work out a decimal.
    Whats your faviourite book from Paul Jennings?
    Whats your faviourite game?

    1. Well my favourite book would have to be licked.
      Blob is my favourite game.
      What is your favourite game?
      What is your favourite Paul Jennings book?