Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The girl with an injured back!

Based on a true story!


  1. Awesome video Floss!
    It is outstanding I like how its based on a true story. But it looks like your back is very painful.
    Great post Flossie!

  2. It is going to be good to have you back in Room 20, Floss!

    Your video is creative and uses photos and snapshots very cleverly. There is meaning in each shot. You can tell you want to come back to school so much!

  3. Thanks guys.
    I can't wait to come back to school tomorrow!
    Though I sadly won't be able to do, swimming, rock 'n' roll and safe cycling due to my back!

  4. Wow Floss!
    That is so cool.
    What a great idea to do at home.
    Well done:)

  5. Awesome Felicity!
    Is it really the first time you got sent home from school?
    I like the trailer!
    It's cool how you added pictures of friends in your trailer.
    What were you doing on your two day holiday?

    1. Yes it is the first time!
      Lying on the couch resting my back and sleeping!

  6. Great video Floss. It is sad that you cannot do rock n roll and all the cool things that a happening at the moment. Great work. I hope your back gets better. Katrina:)

  7. Awesome video Flossie
    How did you hurt your back?
    And did you make it on an I pod or I pad

    1. I filmed it on the Ipad!
      I lost balance and fell of the bars and fell of. The ones on the new playground!

  8. I really liked your video it was really cool.
    It is a shame that you have to miss out on Rock 'n' Roll and swimming and safe cycling.
    It is awesome that you came back to school today.
    Great job and keep up the great posts.
    P.S I feed your hamster.

  9. Oh I feel bad for you hurting your back.
    Alexandra. Cool story.

  10. Terrific, floss!
    But its still sad you injured you back, but at least you expressed your feelings!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait, the crazy kid.

  11. Funny Floss!
    It was a good idea to a trailer for your back.
    Hope your back gets better!
    From Kazzakins.

  12. I hope your back is okay
    It's so good to have you back
    I wasn't there when it happened but I heard and it most have been pretty
    painful but yeah cool trailer it's good to have you back :)