Monday, December 17, 2012

Ice Skating Queens!

The Skating girls from Johnstones on Vimeo.


  1. Wow Felicity/Hannah!
    Does it hurt when you fall over on the ice?
    Have you ever done Ice Skating before?
    I like the theme of the trailer.
    I went ice skating in Germany I think 3 years ago.
    Keep up the great trailers!

    1. It can hurt, but not painfully!
      I had done it once before, a week before I went with Hannah. I went with Lizard, Libby and Erin!
      Was it fun when you went Ice Skating in Germany!
      Thanks for the comment:)

    2. Well yeah of course!
      It was like Aukland's snow land thing!
      Have you been there before if you know what I'm talking about?
      It was basically like an Aquarium mixed with a theme park ice skating ring and a snow boarding place (In Germany)!

    3. Thanks Stefan!
      It does hurt sometimes but not always.
      I have been ice-skating with my family before.
      Ice-skating is so fun.

  2. Wow Hannah/Felicity
    did you find it scary the first time you fell over?
    have you gone ice skating before?
    did you ever fall over into the splits? I sure have The worst thing is, is that I cant do the splits :)
    I love the fairy tail theme I hope you will keep doing the cool trailers I reckon you should do a trailer about the first day of school next year :) how cool would that be
    Well Done

  3. Awesome Floss!
    I went ice skating in Taupo but I never got the hang of it. One of the lady's there fell and banged her head on the ice which looked very painful and had to sit down. I like your video trailer, its very funny. Well done!