Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Room!

The sunlight peeking through my curtains trying to spy on me, it gets closer and closer, it streams through and blinds me, but just for a second. The two lumps on each side of me, cat and dog. My clock to my right, lasering out the time. To my left my toys stacked mountain high. I look above, all I can see is the plain white ceiling. As I lift my head up slowly as can be, I see my messy hair in the mirror that hangs on my wall. It reminds me of a bully who has just hung someone on a peg.

My floor is like the sea, my bed like a plank on a pirates ship, fluff resting in my room on the floor, just like sharks waiting for their prey to fall off the plank. Blankets on my bed drooping down, but in my brain it equals them trying to make me cold. The scuttles coming down the hallway from Mum’s slippers. Then all of a sudden creek, the curtains in my lounge fling open. Mum has entered my world. My big wide ocean, with sharks and even a pirate ships with a plank. A plank of toys. Sure enough this is my room and my imagination maker.    

By Felicity Johnstone 
11 years
Room 20 2012
Here is My Room, you can probably match the picture to some of the writing:)


  1. Wow Felicity! What an awesome visual picture you have created with your right. I love your opening sentence and your use of similes. Well done!

    1. Thank you:) I am enjoyed that you liked it!

  2. Awesome Floss!
    I can see where you are getting at, I feel like I am in your room right a the moment I was reading you specular writing. I couldn't describe it any other, its so good. I really like the part about the sharks and the plank, you really have an imagination! Great job, I mean awesome job:)

  3. Awesome Floss!
    I feel like I am in your room right now. This is a specular piece of writing I wouldn't change anything, its so good. I like the part about the plank and pirate ship.
    Great job, I mean spectacular job:)

  4. Amazing Floss. I love your writing it so cool. Great job. I like a picture of your room. Great.:D

  5. Cool Floss.
    That is awesome writing.
    well written.
    I like the words that you used.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Wow Felicity Your writing is great. You must love your room very much. How big is you're room?

    1. My room is big.
      Thanks for the comment:)

  7. Great Felicity!
    You have written a very descriptive and imaginative writing there!
    I also like how you have inserted a photo of your room, which the readers can compare with, from the room they visualised.