Saturday, August 11, 2012

Koru Art

Here is a picture of my Koru that I did.
I am really proud of it.
I chose to do the following colours:
White for a blended look
I love my design and it represents my family and our peace.
I called it the peaceful harmony because I thought that it goes great with my family.
My mum and dad are on the outsides and I am in the middle.


  1. I love your artwork THE PEACEFUL HARMONY, Felicity!

    You also explained it perfectly in this blog post :)

  2. Spectacular Floss.
    I love your koru art it is great, your colours really stand out well.
    Well Done!

  3. Great Felicity I liked how your Koru represents your family great idea. Keep it up.

  4. WOW floss that so creative
    i love how you put it like its your parents on the outside and you in the middle i found that really cute and nice Well Done :)