Thursday, September 27, 2012

Night Number One!

Here is my poster that I created on this LINK!
Night Number One
The excitement is running through the air, I can feel it running up my spine. It is going around everyone.
Well tonight is our first performance in front of a live audience. I am so excited, I have all of my costumes here in room 3. All of the Kapa Haka group are playing hand games, getting their makeup done. Then Mali our instructor and Teeps the guitar player walk in and say that they could hear us from the hall, which is bad because our audience were entering the hall. I was so eager to start. 

Then it was time. Time to line up outside in the cold, with wet puddles and the slight sign of grey rain clouds in the night sky. My feet were frozen, my toes were like icicles. As for the rest of the group, I think they were cold to. Then the door opened all I could think of was. “ Time to go on stage. “ But sadly no we were getting told off for being so loud. Then at long last the door swung open and nearly hit me in the face. It was time. Our time to shine in front of everyone. Once we had gone through our three songs and one Haka, we left the stage to get into our next costumes. I had to get into my white top and black shorts, with makeup all ready for my Locomotion dance and wearable arts.

So here I am  waiting behind the curtain. Then it was the Green Is Gold play. They finished with a rap/song. That was when all of the wearable arts people went to go and get changed into our costumes. Then after waiting for the third dance group, we all entered the back of hall ready to ‘ strut our style ‘ down the aisle and around the stage. It was so much fun showing off my costume to the audience. Next I had to take my wearable arts costume off. Then Erin and Thea come rushing in to make sure that Thea can get dressed and get all of her makeup on ready for our Locomotion dance. Once Thea was dressed and had all of her makeup on we were out the door rushing over to the door that is behind the curtain. Just as we arrive we had about 3 minutes until we were on. Doing Locomotion was awesome, the group had so much fun. Then Erin, Thea and I all run off and get our leggings and Rock ‘n’ Roll skirts on already for our time to boogie on stage. 

Wow, I was getting tired by the time we were arriving at the door ‘ AGAIN. ‘ Now that we are doing our Rock ‘n’ Roll in front of everyone with the choir singing all over the place, I think that I am almost ready to call it a night. But sadly no I still have choir number two that I have to perform in and I also have another three nights. Along with the rest of team 5 students I have a feeling that we are very excited to finally have this show up and running, but by the end of the week I am sure that we are going to be very, very, VERY tired!

Monday, September 24, 2012


If you want to try and draw a Tree of life here is a picture with all of the steps to draw it!
Please scan me if you can and find out what it says!

Here is the original Tree Of Life by Klimt! 
Here is my Tree Of PRIDE

Here is my Tree of life, but Mr.M said to call it the Tree of PRIDE. All of my symbols represent what I find enjoyable and what I like in my life. The first Tree of life was made my a guy called Klimt. It was a great design and it has inspired many people like Room 20. I have animal symbols which represents that I like animals. The picture of New Zealand represents that I like New Zealand. The maths symbols represent that I LOVE maths. All of my symbols are a great and enjoyable part of my life.

By Felicity!

Spring In Hawaii

Spring In Hawaii from Johnstones on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scary Poem

Here is me and Tash reading our scary poem. Below is a recording, a picture of our good copy and the poem in writing from the Document.
This was so much fun I really enjoyed doing this. Tash did most of the poem, but asked me for a little help. While she did that I drew our two Furry Friends and their pet.

Here Is Tash & I Reading Our Scary Poem!
We recorded it on Audacity. Then uploaded it to our class DivShare!
 Audacity is on our computers desktop.

To little friends come out at night,
You must be in bed or your get a fright,
Small or big it doesn't matter,
They will always come and eat ya,
Spots and stripes will haunt you too,

Ears, teeth, feet and more,
Paws, tongue, eyes and glore,
Come if you dare to their hideout but beware you might never come out! 

Don’t forget they have a pet,
That will eat you but not your head,
I may warn you to stay away don’t obey me then you will pay!

Here is the furry friends pets. The one on the left is called Mr.Evil Green. The one in the middle is called Bacon and Cheese.  The one on the very end is their pet called Bouncy Pouncy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reflection On Olympic Wheel Day

Reflection Olympic Wheel Day
· Something I was pleased with was how well TUI worked as a team and tried their very best, because it was my first real House competition being a house leader.

· I really enjoyed learning how the seniors and the middle school work in different ways to try and get a placing, because now I know for further house comps what I am going into.

· Something I found hard was trying to get my team to listen to my instructions and having to talk over the wind.

· Something that made me think was will TUI try their very best and get us a good placing, because I knew that TUI team 1 & 2 TUI team that I was working with were doing well, but were the other TUI teams doing well with the Sport pals.

· Something I want to get better at is communicating to the rest of the team a little better.
          (What can I do about it?) Talk to them in a type of way that they understand more:)
Here is Tash and I running for our teams ( Kea and Tui ) Who do you think will win out of us two?

Here is me and half of the senior Tui team.

Julian trying to make sure that in will get a head start!

Me trying to win for our team.

Reflection On Optimist Yachting

Reflection For Optimist Yachting!
·Something I was pleased with was making Hannah and Courtney laugh while yachting, because it was there first time so it made us all more confident.

· I really enjoyed learning how to control an optimist yacht when the wind is blowing at a reasonable speed, because last year we didn’t have as much wind as this year.  
· Something I found hard was fighting the wind when we were kayaking, because it was very windy and I got stuck on a rock twice going under the bridge.

· Something that made me think was are the year 5’s enjoying their first time going optimist yachting, because it seemed to me that they were enjoying it, but were they?
· Something I want to get better at is control the kayak more when it is windy, so I don’t bash into anything or get stuck in the current.

          What can I do about it?  I can paddle harder so that there would be more power to keep the kayak on track.

Here is Brody in his kayak and me in the background on mine.

Natasha, Felicity ( Me ), Katherine.

Maths In Room 20

This one was so much fun, me and Tash got it done really quick!

This was lots of fun!

This is my factors of 5 and 6 in my maths book!

These are my missing number problems in my maths book!
Here is a Fotobabble that Tash and I did this morning.
I hope you enjoy! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Magpie Cluster Expo!

On Thursday the 6th of September all of the Digi Kidz from Parkvale School and other Schools went to the Havelock North Community center and participated in a digital expo, sharing how our school uses ICT in there learning. Also Hannah, Joshua and me and three others from room 19 got to go and share something about ICT in our school as well as all the others. Above is Our Presentation on a day in a 1:1 digital classroom. I hope that you will enjoy it seeing as we did it right in the middle of production week, so we were really tired. When all the visitors had left and the teachers and parents came, us three decided to sit down and chill. One reason why is because we had our last night of production the same night!

Reflection for the Expo
· Something I was pleased with was having at least an audience to listen to what a day in a 1:1 Digital class is like, because it is nice to see how many people would like to know about what we do.                          

· I really enjoyed learning other stuff about how other Hastings schools use ICT in their learning, because it made me want to try some of their apps and tools at home on the computer, Ipad and Ipod.                   

· Something I found hard was talking over everyone else at the expo, because it was very loud, so loud that I almost lost my voice!

· Something that made me think was what are audience thinking about our presentation and maybe they were thinking of telling their principal about digital classes in their school, because I thought that our presentation was spectacular.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dress Rehearsals

My funny face, a Rock 'n' Roll move went very wrong there!
This is in front of the Host desk.
Can't you just see how much fun we have in rehearsals!
Here is the classes P.M.I! Plus+ Minus= And Interesting.

Mistakes Happen
Today we had a dress rehearsal and as you can probably see in the picture above. I did a mistake in one of the moves in Rock ‘n’ Roll. My face looks so funny. I did not realise that Kharn the photographer clicked the camera button just as I did that face.
That is all for today but I will tell you much more about the day of the big show!

The Time Has Come
Well today was a dress rehearsal. It was so much fun. It was so amazing and very interesting to see all of the different costumes and makeup that the senior school were wearing. We all had a great time and I know that we all can’t wait for the show tonight. Year sixes have never done a production so we are all very eager to get this one on the road. The stage is all set and the students are ready for a very busy week. As the saying goes “ Busy Little Bumble Bees.“
I think the dress rehearsal went very well.
That is all for now, I will definitely come back tomorrow and tell you about tonight's big show!