Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scary Poem

Here is me and Tash reading our scary poem. Below is a recording, a picture of our good copy and the poem in writing from the Document.
This was so much fun I really enjoyed doing this. Tash did most of the poem, but asked me for a little help. While she did that I drew our two Furry Friends and their pet.

Here Is Tash & I Reading Our Scary Poem!
We recorded it on Audacity. Then uploaded it to our class DivShare!
 Audacity is on our computers desktop.

To little friends come out at night,
You must be in bed or your get a fright,
Small or big it doesn't matter,
They will always come and eat ya,
Spots and stripes will haunt you too,

Ears, teeth, feet and more,
Paws, tongue, eyes and glore,
Come if you dare to their hideout but beware you might never come out! 

Don’t forget they have a pet,
That will eat you but not your head,
I may warn you to stay away don’t obey me then you will pay!

Here is the furry friends pets. The one on the left is called Mr.Evil Green. The one in the middle is called Bacon and Cheese.  The one on the very end is their pet called Bouncy Pouncy!


  1. Awesome floss
    I love all the cool riming words.
    I also liked the three awesome monster pitchers down the bottom of the paper they are so CUTE!

  2. Wow Floss great work.
    I like how you added pictures and a recording it looks really great and sounds great as well.
    Keep up the great work.