Monday, September 10, 2012

Magpie Cluster Expo!

On Thursday the 6th of September all of the Digi Kidz from Parkvale School and other Schools went to the Havelock North Community center and participated in a digital expo, sharing how our school uses ICT in there learning. Also Hannah, Joshua and me and three others from room 19 got to go and share something about ICT in our school as well as all the others. Above is Our Presentation on a day in a 1:1 digital classroom. I hope that you will enjoy it seeing as we did it right in the middle of production week, so we were really tired. When all the visitors had left and the teachers and parents came, us three decided to sit down and chill. One reason why is because we had our last night of production the same night!

Reflection for the Expo
· Something I was pleased with was having at least an audience to listen to what a day in a 1:1 Digital class is like, because it is nice to see how many people would like to know about what we do.                          

· I really enjoyed learning other stuff about how other Hastings schools use ICT in their learning, because it made me want to try some of their apps and tools at home on the computer, Ipad and Ipod.                   

· Something I found hard was talking over everyone else at the expo, because it was very loud, so loud that I almost lost my voice!

· Something that made me think was what are audience thinking about our presentation and maybe they were thinking of telling their principal about digital classes in their school, because I thought that our presentation was spectacular.


  1. Awesome Floss!
    I like the way you add in a reflection, it sound like you had a lot of fun. Your presentation was really good it described everything we do in a Digi class. I really enjoyed all the things we did at the expo, it was so fun:) Well done!

  2. Awesome Floss.
    I like how you made a reflection on the Magpie Cluster Expo.

  3. Well Done Floss, you should be proud that you were able to do a presentation on the Digi Class, and that you were able to tell others what the class is like. I know that a number of parents/schools still wonder if the Digi Class is a good idea or not, and the only way they are going to be convinced is to see and hear from those in the class. Plus the results at the end of the year. And I am sure they will be good as well.

  4. That was cool Floss i bet the year fives and fours will want to be in the ICT class's.