Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reflection On Optimist Yachting

Reflection For Optimist Yachting!
·Something I was pleased with was making Hannah and Courtney laugh while yachting, because it was there first time so it made us all more confident.

· I really enjoyed learning how to control an optimist yacht when the wind is blowing at a reasonable speed, because last year we didn’t have as much wind as this year.  
· Something I found hard was fighting the wind when we were kayaking, because it was very windy and I got stuck on a rock twice going under the bridge.

· Something that made me think was are the year 5’s enjoying their first time going optimist yachting, because it seemed to me that they were enjoying it, but were they?
· Something I want to get better at is control the kayak more when it is windy, so I don’t bash into anything or get stuck in the current.

          What can I do about it?  I can paddle harder so that there would be more power to keep the kayak on track.

Here is Brody in his kayak and me in the background on mine.

Natasha, Felicity ( Me ), Katherine.

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  1. Awesome reflection Flossie!
    I think you have written it well, telling people what really did happen.

    Like it was really windy at kayaking. Oh speaking of that, I hope you managed to get out from under the bridge!

    Keep it up Flossie! You are a really great writer.
    P.S. Like the pics. :)