Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am Poem And Art!

I am Sporty, Funny, Friendly, Smart. I am in love with animals. I am a young leader, dancer, gymnast and an artist. I am a daughter. I AM ME AND THATS WHO I'LL BE!

It is that time of year once again. When we have to start doing our calender art for 2013. In room 20 we are doing are type of art where you can choose any colours that you would like to choose. Get an A4 piece of paper and draw some wavy lines that can go off the page for a good effect. Then you get your colours and paint the wavy lines in a pattern or just in your own way. Then once it has dried you have to get a black sharpie pen and outline the wavy bits so then it stands out much better. Now you have to use that black sharpie pen to write down a poem that is describing stuff about you and what you like. As you can see above is my poem. Also below is my art that I will be doing for my calender art for 2012's calender.
If you would like you can try this, it is lots of fun and is very enjoyable!


  1. Cool Floss,
    This is awesome Floss. It really describes you. I'm sure your family will love your calender art. What is your/familys favourite calender art you have done?
    From Lily N

    1. Well I would have to choose my one from last year, because I really liked the way that it was set out!
      I am not sure what one my family likes best!

  2. I really like your reading of the poem, Felicity. It is expressive and sparkly! It sums you up well. I hope you sell your calendar art :)