Monday, March 26, 2012

Key Words About Me

These are my key words about me. Our class ( room 20 ) had to do 5-10 key words about them selves and put them on  tagxedo, a website exactly like wordle except you can make it a shape and play around with the colours, font and even print screen it onto paint and give it an eyeball like I did or even say who it is by like mine [ ITS MY NICKNAME ]and write something about what your key words are like.  I wrote, I love duckys which would go under love of animals, I also gave it a background which is PINK because it is one of my favourite colours. It will make all of your words twist around and do all sorts.  Like I said play around with it. Hope you enjoy!  


  1. Cool Floss
    I like it.
    I also like the heart.
    What is your favourite word out of all of them?

  2. Awesome Flossie, I love the colours and the back ground.

  3. Awesome Floss! I like your words and your ducky. I also like how you put gymnastics in because you are a great gymnast.

  4. Awesome floss you did an amazing job i like the vibrant colors and stands out wow awesome :)

  5. Awesome Felicity!
    We have alot in common I like swimming and running! GREAT POST! :) :) :) :) :)