Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Corner Ball Reflection

Reflection for P.E.
WALT throw, catch and move without the ball

· Something I was pleased with was getting some of the other team out because they were quite fast and the ball was not aloud to touch the ground.
I really enjoyed learning how to play the game because I had never played it before.

Something I found hard was aiming at the other team to get them out.

· Something that made me think was who is closer to me so I can throw the ball at them or to them because it would make it easier than throwing far away and then the ball might touch the ground and it will be the other teams ball.


Something I want to get better at is my aiming

(What can I do about it?) I can practise at home or at lunchtimes.

Voice Recorder >> Once again you can click on the word Vocaroo and it will take you to where I recorded my reflection.


  1. Great post Flossie!

    You really made it sparkle by adding a slideshow and recording your reflection.

    Could you add P.E. to the labels?

  2. I liked the fact that you added a slid show of some photos of you playing the game.