Monday, May 7, 2012

My Lazy Monday Morning

‘Crrrrr’, goes the curtains as mum tries to wake me up at 7:00, yes I know 7:00 in the morning, but I do have to go to school so I better get up or I might be late. As I slowly get out of bed just like my granny, I feel something creep up my spine, I had a funny feeling that it was Jack Frost playing a trick on me. So I quickly hop back into my bed and try to melt Jack Frost off my back. Suprise, suprise it was him after all. Then I get out of bed after all except instead of getting out like my granny I got out like my Grandad. Then I got dressed quickly so I did not feel the cold. When I go to open the door into the garage I see the poof cat [ Snooks ] curled up in a ball which made it look very fat just like a fluffy pillow on my bed.

Then as I walk out into the kitchen I see my Mum sitting on the couch drinking a hot chocolate, I say to her “Mum can I please have one, I am very cold?”
“Yes sure you can, but you have to make it yourself.”
“Fine, then I will make it.” As I was making it I looked out the window and saw all of the steam coming off of the neighbour’s fence, there was a whole line of it just floating up into the air just like a ghost lifting from its grave ready to haunt the living. Once I had finally sat down with my hot chocolate and breakfast, I noticed that it was nearly time for me to go to school. I scoff my breakfast as fast as a lion that hasn’t been fed for 3 weeks. I put my dishes in the sink and say to mum “lets go or I will be late for school.”

“ Ok then I will just put my shoes on then we can go, the same with you please. Have you packed your bag yet?”
“No, but  I will quickly do it now.”
“Ok then you do that.” Just as I rush out of the door I realise that I needed to brush my teeth, so inside again I go to complete my mission of brushing my teeth. Once I had brushed my teeth I went out the door for hopefully the last time, I realised that it smelt of smoke, I was thinking how can it smell this time and when I came out here last time I couldn’t smell it just one bit. Then I had a little think on the way to school and realised that it was because I was in so much of a rush that I didn’t notice it. When we arrived at school I was excited to start a new term at school.

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