Friday, May 18, 2012

My 3 Favourite Websites

This is my first favourite website, it is my blog. The reason I chose this is because I love doing blog posts for the rest of the world to see what I am doing through out the year. Also I think that it is great to have a class all with blogs to share there learning. It helps me feel proud for the work I do as I am able to put it on my blog and have other people post positive comments on my work it is also a way for me to share my learning with my mum and dad. To go there click on the link.


My second one is Fantage, it is a great website to play on you can dress up and have your other friends go online and talk with you. You can play heaps of really cool games like: The fashion show you can also play some great games at the school ( they are maths, spelling and some more cool school subjects. ) There is much more games to play and more stuff to do that is really fun. You can also get two pets, unless your become a member and you can get heaps more of them. This is a safe website where you won't get bullied or if you feel as though you are getting bullied  I recommend you should get a Fantage person.  If you would like one go to this link.  

My third and last favourite website is Fotobabble, it is a great website because you have an instant embed code and it is really cool to have a talking photo. It is quick and easy to do just follow these steps:  
  • Upload a photo to the website
  • Record your voice 
  • Play with the background and the colour of the picture
  • Get the embed code from the right side of the page
  • Put the embed code onto your blog and post it to the web to show what you did         

I would rate it 10/10 because it is a very easy to do and your speech comes out nice and clear.
Our class is loving it so I think that you should try it out. If you would like to go and create a Fotobabble account and make your first Fotobabble click on the link.

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  1. Cool Floss.
    I like how you did your blog as one,
    How long did it take you to do?